Our Story

Flow Beauty Co is an edit of multi-use cosmetic products that enable you to customise your beauty experience and learn what ingredients truly work.

After 5 years of running my make up line MDMflow, I decided it's finally time for me to straighten out the world of skincare. As a cosmetic scientist I often find myself using shampoo as body wash, lip balm on my cuticles or eye cream all over my face. 

Yes, because I'm a rebel, but also because when I make decisions around how I use products, I tend to ignore what's on the front of label and instead head straight to the ingredient list.

I often find myself asking, "It's contains universally conditioning and hydrating ingredients. Why is it just a face cream?"

With Flow Beauty Co I source ingredients from the best suppliers in the world, break down the properties and allow you to decide where they best fit in your beauty regime. 

Check out our debut product Everything Oil! 

- Flow X